ensemble & vocal works

Ballad of Antinous (2017) Text by Nicole Butcher *in development for Peter Neville and Justine Anderson

Sop. Hp. Cel. 4Perc. (Xylo. Vbs. Mrmb. Crtls. Glock. T.Bel.) 

To be premiered by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music peruccsion department October 27th 1pm 2017

Odysseus Songs (2016-17) *in development for Daniel Todd

Ten. Pno.

Himeros (2016) dur. 15" dedicated to Georgia Royes

Fl./A.Fl. Cl./B.Cl. Perc. (3Tom-Toms) Pno. Tpt. Trbn. Vln. Vlc. D.B.

Premiered by Forest Collective, conducted by the composer at the Metropolis New Music Festival, Melbourne Recital Centre May 2016.

Sikinnis IIIb (2016) dur. 5.30" dedicated to Stephanie Arnold

Pno. Vln. Vlc.

Sirens (2015-16) dur. "20


2Vln. Vla. Vlc. optional Sop.

Commissioned and premiered by Allotropy! Pop Up String Quartet through the peak Victorian Government arts body Creative Victoria.

First performed at Forest Collective's 2016 concert series, presented as apart of Bayside City Council's Resonance

In the Red Fire of Passion (2015) dur.10" text by Oscar Wilde, from The Duchess of Padua dedicated to Igor Mihajlovic

Fl. Sop. Hp. 

Commissioned by SoundSCAPE New Music Festival, Italy for performance by Cochlea Duo and Katelyn Isaacson, Soprano

Australian premiere performance by Rosemary Ball, Soprano, Tanya Vincent, Flute and Jessica Fotinos, Harp as apart of the 2016 Forest Collective concert series



Orpheus and the Cave (2015) dur. 14" dedicated to Benjamin Northey  Text derived from the libretto of Orfeo ed Euridice, Ranieri de' Calzabigi and L'Orfeo, Alessandro Striggio

Fl. Cl. B.Cl. 2Sop. Hp. 3Vln./Vla. Perc. (B.D. Gng.)

Commissioned and premiered by Forest Collective at their 2015 concert Moonfall May 2015 at Melbourne Recital Centre as apart of the Metropolis New Music Festival, Rosemary Ball & Teresa Duddy soprano solos

"...Lawson’s usual lush sound palette is stripped back and spread about the room. The spatial distribution of the ensemble is some of the most effective that I have heard.”

Matthew Lorenzon for Partial Durations

Winter Canticle (2014) dur. 11” text by William Shakespeare dedicated to the memory of Joe Waterman

2Sop. Mez.Sop. Hp. 2Vln. Vla. Vlc. D.B.

Commissioned and premiered by Forest Collective at their 2014 concert Flooding in the Garden December 2014, Rosemary Ball, Stefanie Dingnis & Christine Storey soprano soloists

"The premier of Lawson’s Winter Canticle proved the highpoint of the evening. Violin and harp created the texture of feet treading lightly on the forest floor while voices, starting softly, gradually increased in intensity to form whispers of text from Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale. While experimental, the music was by no means difficult on the ear, and the various layers of fricatives, half-formed words, soaring high notes and interjections from the ensemble were impressively executed with dramatic effect."

- Alexandra Mathew for Limelight Magazine 

"The piece is a reworking of previous material, taking the emotional structure of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale as a formal basisAn introductory episode of drones and vocalises gives way to an astounding rhythmic explosion. The three vocalists declare “Winter!” as febrile string phrases scurry about. The voices speak and whisper phrases from the play in an emotional polyphony, accompanied by energetic scrubbing in the strings. Lawson has learnt well from his twentieth-century heroes including Britten and Vaughan Williams; even at itsdynamic peak the ensemble is always colourful, transparent and mobile."

- Matthew Lorenzon for Partial Durations

Interlude in a Dream (2013) for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble dur. 8”  with a text by the composer dedicated to Rosemary Ball

Fl. Cl. Tpt. Hp. Sop. 2Vln. Vla. Vlc. 

Premiered by Forest Collective at Shared Soundsconducted by the composer, Rosemary Ball soprano April 6th and 7th 2013 

Sikinnis II (2012, rev. 2014) in 3 movements dur. 12” 

Fl. Vla. Hp.

Commissioned by Judy and Peter Johnson in dedication for Claire Johnson’s completion of her P.H.D. 

Premièred by Petrichore at the Forest Collective performance Shared Sounds April 6th and 7th 2013. Also performed by Petrichor at Conduit Arts Space on May 22 2013 and at Medley Hall, August 2013 

"Evan Lawson’s Skinnis for Flute, Viola and Harp (now on its second outing) was the only piece to utilise the harp’s majestic glissandi and full, ringing chords. These kitschy effects were welcome after the crystal-clear articulation and motoric effects of the “bean-counting harp.”

- Matthew Lorenzon for Partial Durations 

Let the Rivers Die Down (2012) dur. 6”  text from an ancient Greek Hymn dedicated to Jessica King

SA Choir Pno.

Commissioned by the Australian Children's Choir 

Ballad of Melierax and Circe (2011) dur. 7:30” 

Fl./Picc. Cl. Pno. Vln. Vlc. 

Premiered by Syzygy Ensemble, August 2011 at Kingston Arts Centre 

Dominico's Mask (2010) dur. 15"

Fl. Cla. Hp.

Premiered by the composer, clarinet, Lina Andonovska, flute and Jessica Fotinos, Harp, at the VCA 2010

Four Early Songs (2010) dur. 10"

SATB Choir Pno.

Commissioned and premiered by Exaudi Youth Choir, conducted by the composer, St. John's Southgate, Melbourne, May 2010

Ballad of the Crying Satyr (2008) dur. 12:30” text by the composer

Fl./Picc. Cl. Bsn. Pno./Cel. Hp. Bari. Vln. Vlc.

Premiered by the composer, conducted by Christine Storey, at the VCA November 2008.

Also performed in recital by baritone Joe Coghlan, November 2010, at the VCA, conducted by the composer

And by Forest Collective, May 2011, sung by the composer and conducted by Louis Sharpe 

Three Folksongs and Postlude (2008) dur. 8” text and songs derived from 3 British Folk Songs

Bari. Fl. Cl.

Premiered by baritone Joe Coghlan, flutist Tanya Vincent and the composer, at BMW Edge, Federation Square