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fluttering hearts //

thinking machines by addison

Sparking life and movement, or suffusing inertia, technology increasingly works upon us as we work with it. These friction points will be explored by songs by Addison from the past and the future. Ballads about artificial intelligence and baroque hymns for counter-tenor will come together to answer questions about how to cope with love and loss in a world where we are coerced into watching screens saturated with melancholy.  

Orchestrations by Evan Lawson, Alex Turley and William Elm.

Premiered by Forest Collective at Abbotsford Convent.


Photo by Oliver Dauncey

Photo by Oliver Dauncey


Nico by danielle asciak

Contemporary music outfit Forest Collective and cabaret artist Danielle Asciak bring to the fringe stage music by Warhol’s muse, model and musician Nico (and The Velvet Underground). Led by founder, composer and conductor Evan Lawson, this ensemble will reconceptualise traditional instruments, voice, and intermedia with an avant-garde, punk rock sound to evoke Nico’s enigmatic song writing. 

Radical and raw, this is Nico’s life defined by songs they never played on the radio.

Orchestrations by Evan Lawson, Alex Turley and William Elm.

Premiered by Forest Collective at Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2018.


Image by Kate J Baker

Image by Kate J Baker



Since the Victorian era many ancient greek myths have been hijacked and altered to have any references to same-sex relationships or gender fluidity removed. Many people aren’t aware of the diversity in ancient myths that explore varying types of human sexuality and gender. In my exploration of the lesser known parts to the Orpheus myth, I was fascinated to find about his pederasty relationship with fellow argonaut Calaïs. In some sources, his love for the young man was deeper than his love for Eurydice. It provided me with a fascinating viewpoint on the love triangle at the core of the myth, and a fascinating love triangle to explore on stage.

Co-commissioned by Forest Collective and Prismatx Ensemble.

Premiere performance by Forest Collective at Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne VIC as part of Midsumma Festival 2019, supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and City of Yarra.