Orchestra & concertante works

Symphony No. 2 “legistis, male me marem putatis?” (2017-19) in 3 movements for Tenor and Soprano voices and Sinfonietta Orchestra 30” Text by Nicole Butcher *in development written for and dedicated to Peter Neville and Justine Anderson 

Part I - Ballad of Antinous for Soprano voice  Premiered October 27, 2017 by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music percussion department, Justine Anderson soprano and conducted by Guy de Plut

Part II - Ballad of Elagabalus for Tenor voice 

Part III - Ballad of Sporus for Soprano and Tenor voices 

Fl. Cla. S.Rec. Sax. Tbn. Sop. Ten. Hp. Pno./Cel. 4Perc. (Vbs. Mrmb. Crtls. Glock. T.Bel.) Vln. V.Cel. D.B.

The City of Silk (2017-18) for Large Orchestra dur.8"

Picc. Flu. 2Cl. B.Cl Ob. C.A Bsn. CBsn 4Hrn. 2Tpt. 2Trbn. B.Tbn. Tuba 3Perc. 2Hp. 12-8Vln.I 12-8Vln.II 8-4Vla. 8-4Vlc. 6-3D.B. 

Orpheus and the Cave II (2015) for solo Trumpet, solo Oboe and two ensembles dedicated to Benjamin Northey dur. 15"

Ensemble I - SoloTpt. Fl. Cl. Hrn. Pno. 3Vln. Vla. Vlc.

Ensemble II - SoloOb. Bsn. Perc. [B.D. Tri. Gng. Wooden Wind Chimes] Vla. Vlc. D.B.

Premiered October 2015 by Melbourne Metropolitan Sinfonietta, conducted by Sascha Kelly and Patrick Burns  

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The Nephelai (2015) for Harp and String Orchestra dur. 10"

Hp. 10Vln. 6Vla. 4Vlc. 2D.B

Premiered by the Tonkünstler Orchestra at the Grafenegg festival, conducted by the composer, August 2015



Interlude in a Dream (2013) for Soprano Voice and Chamber Orchestra dur. 8”  with a text by the composer dedicated to Rosemary Ball

Fl. Cl. Bsn. Tpt. Hp. Sop. 2Vln. Vla. Vlc. 

Premiered by Forest Collective at Shared Soundsconducted by the composer, Rosemary Ball soprano April 6th and 7th 2013 


Peane from Hyacinth (2011 - 12) Double Concerto for Clarinet, Harp and Chamber Orchestra dedicated to Christina Critch dur. 25” 

2Fl./2Pic. 2Ob. 2Cl. B.Cl. Bsn./C.Bsn.  2Hrn. Tpt. Trbn.  Pno.  Perc. Timp.  SoloCl. SoloHp. 6Vln.I 6Vln.II 4Vla. 3Vlc. 2D.B.

Premiered by Catherine Ashley Harp, the composer Clarinet, the Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Patrick Burns, 18th of August  2012  

Also performed with the Hopkins Sinfonia, conducted by the Composer, Ashley Smith Clarinet and Catherine Ashley Harp, 15th of October 2015

I Introduction

II Sikinnis

III Earth Song

IV Love Song


Prelude & Jason’s Song (2010) Concerto Grosso for Keyboards, Harp, 2 Percussionists and Chamber Orchestra dedicated to Ro Lawson dur. 7:30” 

Fl./Pic. Ob. Cl. B.Cla. Bsn.  Hrn. Tpt. Trbn. Tuba SoloHp. 2SoloPerc. SoloPno./Cel. 4Vln. 2Vla. 2Vlc. D.B.

Commissioned and premiered by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Iwaki Auditorium, conducted by Brett Kelly, 29th January 2011 

Nocturne (2009) for Chamber Orchestra dedicated to Jasmin Bardel dur. 8” 

2Fl. Ob. C.A. 2Cl. 2Bsn.  2Hrn. 2Tpt.  Hp.  6Vln.I 6Vln.II 4Vla. 3Vlc. 2D.B.

Written for and premiered by the Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Raymond Yong in 2009

Also performed by the Forest Collective Orchestral Project conducted by the composer November 11th 2010 

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Symphony No. 1 "My Garden with Alice" (2008 - 09) in 5 movements for Baritone Voice and Orchestra dur. 25”  with text by the composer

2Flu./Pic. 2Ob./C.A. 2Cl./B.Cl 2Bsn./CBsn. 4Hrn. 2Tpt. 2Trbn. B.Tbn Tuba Hp. Pno./Cel. 2Perc. Timp. Bari. 8-12Vln.I 8-12Vln.II 6-8Vla. 4-6Vlc. 3-6D.B. 

Premiered by the VCA Symphony Orchestra at Iwaki Auditorium conducted by Thaddeus Huang, in 2009 

I & II My Garden, with Alice

III Interlude

IV Take Me Away

V  Sebastian's Garden