Sikinnis III for solo piano

Sikinnis III (2015) follows from two previous works for solo flute (2010), flute, viola and harp (2013) and piano (2016).

A sikinnis is a vigorous dance performed during a satyr play in ancient Greece theatre. These dances are strongly associated with the half-faun character of satyr’s and generally explore hyper-masculine, male fantasy.   

In my works titled “Sikinnis” I am generally exploring the idea of dance, joy and sexuality. In these pieces I generally contrast two musical ideas with different aural outcomes, and to me, emotional experiences. In this third Sikinnis I’m most interested in the muddy, almost overly resonant textures, as at the beginning of the piece. To me there is a fascinating melancholy in the sustained sounds available with use of the piano pedal.  

Generally these moments arise from the lower register of the piano to then focus on more hyperactive rhythms.

This is contrasted with higher register material which is less rhythmically rapid and more focused on melody, line and a sense of sparkly-ness.

There is a third element in block chords, which help form a basis for the ongoing resonance of the piece.