Libretto devised by the Composer from the libretto of Orfeo ed Euridice, Ranieri de' Calzabigi, L'Orfeo, Alessandro Striggio and words by Phemocles and William Shakespeare.

A dance-Opera in 4 parts & epilogue

Part 1 - and Calais

Part 2 - and Eurydice

Part 3 - and the Cave

Part 4 - and the Pangaion Hills  



Tenor - Orpheus

Mezzo Soprano - Eurydice

Baritone - Calaïs 


Fl./A.Fl./Pic./B.Fl., Spr.Rec./Sop.Rec./Al.Rec./B.Rec./C.B.Rec., Cl., T.Sax./A.Sax., Tbn./Skbt.

Perc. (B.D. Gng. Bngs. Wood Wind Chimes)


Vln. V.Cel. D.B.

Commissioned by Forest Collective & Prismatx Ensemble

Dedicated to Mum & Dad

dur. 70”

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world premiere

January 31 - February 3, 2019

Presented by Forest Collective, as part of Convent Live and Midsumma Festival

Sacred Heart Oratory, Abbotsford Convent

Supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the City of Yarra

Orpheus - Raymond Khong (guest musician) & Ashley Dougan

Eurydice - Kate Bright & Piaera Lauritz

Calaïs - Joseph Ewart (guest musician) & Luke Fryer

Composer & Musical Director - Evan Lawson 

Choreographer & Dancer - Ashley Dougan

Costume Designer - Jane Noonan

Set Designer - Candice MacAllister 

Harp - Samantha Remirez (guest musician)

Flutes - Eric Tucceri (guest musician)

Saxophones - Jesse Deane (guest musician)

Clarinets - Vilan Mai

Recorders - Ryan Williams 

Trombone/Sackbut - Trea Hindley 

Percussion - Alexander Clayton 

Violin - Helen Bower 

Cello - Evelyn Searle (guest musician)

Double Bass - Ian Crossfield (guest musician)

Orpheus is a captivating testament to unbridled passion and talent.
— Gavin Roach, Australian Arts Review, http://artsreview.com.au/orpheus/
Lawson’s innovative musical imaginations...are striking...
— Bridget Davies, The Age, https://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/opera/opera-for-the-ages-with-a-twist-20190201-p50v5g.html

Photos by Kate J Baker

Under the direction of composer and creator Evan Lawson, Orpheus matches its ambition with measured pace and intriguing technique. You can feel the excitement and passion radiating off Lawson as he conducts the work with flare and control.
— Gavin Roach, Australian Arts Review, http://artsreview.com.au/orpheus/
...chilling and compelling...
— Shane Murphy, Daily Review, https://dailyreview.com.au/orpheus-forest-collective-review-abbotsford-convent-melbourne/80477/
...the sonorities that emerged often proved extraordinary...
— Clive O’Connell, The Music, https://oconnellthemusic.com/2019/02/02/new-take-on-an-old-tale/
Best of all, the enterprise gives you a freshness of vision, even new insights into an old tale...You leave feeling that you have been involved in a ritual, human in its essence and recounted with a scouring freshness.
— Clive O’Connell, The Music, https://oconnellthemusic.com/2019/02/02/new-take-on-an-old-tale/
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