orpheus (2015-2018)

Libretto devised by the Composer from the libretto of Orfeo ed Euridice, Ranieri de' Calzabigi and L'Orfeo, Alessandro Striggio

*in development for performance in 2019


A Ballet-Opera in 4 parts

Part 1 - and Calais

Part 2 - and Euridyce

Part 3 - and the Cave

Part 4 - and the Pangaion Hills  


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M.Sop. - Euridyce

Ten. - Orpheus

Ten. - Calais 


Fl./A.Fl./Pic./B.Fl. Sop.Rec./Al.Rec./C.B.Rec. Cl. .Sax./A.Sax. Tbn.

Perc. (B.D. Gng.)

Pno. Hp.

Vln. V.Cel. D.B./Vla.


Commissioned by Forest Collective

Another standout moment in tonight’s program is Evan’s Part III from Orpheus for two voices and ensemble.
— Anni Kalco, https://www.cutcommonmag.com/live-review-forest-collective-presents-berceuse/