solo & duo works

 Thriambus (2017-18) for harp dur. 13" written for Jessica Fotinos. 

World premiere performance April 15, 2018, Jinji Lake Concert Hall, Suzhou, China by Jessica Fotinos. Australian premiere performance July 6 & 7, 2018 with Forest Collective by Jessica Fotinos.

Unfolding (2018) for basset recorder (or any mid-range wind instrument) dur. 6" written for Ryan Williams.

World premiere performance March, 2018, St. Stephen's Church, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia by Ryan Williams.

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Threnoi (2015-18) in two movements for flute and percussion dur. 15"

Each movements can be played individually;

Threnoi I (2015) for flute *Written for Tanya Vincent dur. 5"

Threnoi II (2015) for melody instrument and percussion (envelopes, opera gong, marimba, random assortment of tea cups and saucers) dur. 5" 

Written while a Bayside Artist in Residence, Bayside City Council

Written for and premiered by Edges Duo (Crystal Chu percussion and Steve Sharpe flugelhorn) at the University of Oregon, U.S.A. 1st December 2015

Mermeros & Pheres (2017) for two piccolo's dur. 5" for Naomi Johnson

Crown of Phtheírein (2017) for marimba dur. 6" written for and commissioned by Crystal Chu.

World premiere performance May 17th, 2017, UO Beall Concert Hall, Univeristy of Oregon, U.S.A.

Vast Sea Trembles (2016) for soprano and mezzo soprano dur. 5" Text by Nicole Butcher

Written for Christine Storey and Kate Bright

Threnoi Ib (2016) for soprano saxophone and cello dur. 5" dedicated to Nicholas Yates and Kate Stephens

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Sikinnis III (2015) for piano dur. 5" written for and dedicated to Jacob Abela

Written while a Bayside Artist in Residence, Bayside City Council

To be premiered by Danae Killian at St. Stephen's Church, Melbourne 29 September, 2017. 

Also performed by Danae Killian at Montsalvat, Melbourne for the Melbourne Composers League 12 November, 2017.

"These extremes are furthered by Sikinnis III (2015), composed by Evan Lawson, which exhibits dramatic registral shifts in a vigorous work exploring ideas of dance, joy, and sexuality. The dramatic pause Killian holds at the conclusion of this engrossing composition has the audience caught in the piano’s resonances."

- Lewis Ingham, Cut Common 

Gypsy (2011) in 3 movements for clarinet dur. 6” dedicated to Megan Clune

Premiered by Megan Clune, in Sydney September 2012 at Alaska Projects 

Chestnut Room (2011) for two harp's  dur. 5"

Premiered by Jessica Fotinos and Jacinta Dennett as apart of composition residency at the Camp Street Harp Camp.

Dithyramb (2010) in 2 movements for violin dur. 9”  dedicated to Isabel Hede

Premiered by Isabel Hede Forest Collectives 2010 concert series.

Also performed by Katroina Tsyrlin at the VCA in 2010 and Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne July, 2013

Unison (2010) for bass clarinet dur. 1.30"

Sikinnis I (2010) for flute dur. 8” dedicated to Johanna Selleck

Premiered by Tamara Kohler at Forest Collective’s Songs for Satyrs and Gods Richmond Uniting Church, Melbourne May, 2011  

Performed by Naomi Johnson at The Garden of Ice Melbourne Recital Centre 4 April, 2014.

And performed by Naomi Johnson at Sound Scape New Music Festival, Maccagno, Italy July, 2014