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Elsewhere; Everywhere premiere

Conducting the premier of Samuel Smith's new work for 7 Violas at Xina Hawkin's ANAM Fellowship performance


Nicoleta Chatzopoulou – New work for solo viola
Sam Smith  – New work for 7 violas
Michael Gordon – Light is Calling (viola adaptation)

In a concert that immerses the listener in the manifold shades of colour in sound, hear Athens-based composer and viola-da-gambist Nicoleta Chatzopoulou’s subtle and visceral music, followed by an improvisation on the other-worldly sounds of the aquaphone. Antiphonal violas present elsewhere; everywhere by Melbourne’s Sam Smith, and to conclude, Michael Gordon’s beautiful Light is Calling “juxtaposes the sound of an acoustic violin* with warped electronic pulses played backwards”. *viola

This project has been supported by the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund.

Performers – Alexina Hawkins, Cameron Campbell, Phoebe Green, Anthony Chataway, Ceridwen Davies and Rachel Grimwood (violas); Thea Rossen (aquaphone/percussion)