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My Heart

My Hear - as a part of Melbourne Fringe 2017

Premiere of my piano solo, Sikinnis III

Nights I wander the world’s city streets—through Berlin, Melbourne, Qingdao, Baghdad—past all the Luna Parks and zoos and China Towns in the world—looking for you and talking to you, my heart.

Walking one night in Dhaka, my eyes blazing through clouds as I sang to you whom I have chosen amongst all stars, I walked into a big, maleficent spider’s sticky web. My wedding ring—my gold ring with your name on it—was flung off in the shock of it.

‘My heart!’ I cried out. Where was my heart?

In the dark streets of Rome, near the train station, I scavenged until I found something. Shining in the gutter at 3 a.m., in New York—there it was: my heart. I put my scratched and shining heart into a small bucket. There I carry it safely now as I wander the streets of Zurich, Jerusalem, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Moscow, Leipzig—past all the cafes and jails and temples in the world.

My friends in this city Melbourne (and some other cities, too) have mailed me beautiful pieces to play on my blue piano next Michaelmas night. Then my heart will rejoice.

Inspired by German Expressionist poet Else Lasker-Schüler’s novel-in-letters ‘My Heart’ (Berlin, 1912).

St Stephen's Anglican Church, Church Street Richmond


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